Alpaca – The other, other red meat

Alpaca burger
Alpaca can be both delicious and simple to prepare when turned into ground meat.

At its best, alpaca is a mild red meat with a soft consistency similar to that of venison, though without the gaminess. The flavor, in fact, is so mild it might be described as buttery, and yields exquisite burgers. It has much less fat than beef, which brings advantages and disadvantages: Alpaca is not the least bit greasy, but may require some fat added during the cooking process so it doesn’t dry out.

As a mild-flavored meat, you can take alpaca in many directions, cuisine-wise. The unique texture allows it to substitute for anything from beef to tofu. It really does make for fantastic eating…once you solve the toughness problem.

To learn more about selecting and preparing alpaca meat, check out Joe’s Original Alpaca Burger Cookbook.