The Great Alpaca Bubble

A key argument for getting on the Alpaca Burger bandwagon is that, considering the financial state of some of those who invested in alpacas, burgerizing the beasts might be the next best use for them. But the alpaca bubble, alas, may have burst.

This article from August gives a good summation of where things stand in the industry as a whole, and the farmers whose sad fate is described in Joe’s Original Alpaca Burger Cookbook as “like you’re just a building block in the great pyramid of life.”

….Not long ago, alpaca farming was a booming industry, with the top breeding alpacas selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Nowadays, the few remaining alpaca farmers struggle to stay afloat. Alpaca rescues have cropped up to save the animals who have outlived their economic utility.

“Some owners have found they can’t give the animals away for free,” Modern Farmer reported in 2014.

How did this happen? The alpaca industry experienced a major speculative bubble. And, as bubbles tend to do, that bubble burst…

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