Mugs and More at the Gift Store

If you haven’t visited the AlpacaBurger Store lately, be sure to stop by when you are browsing for a unique and entertaining coffee/tea mug, and all sorts of alpaca gifts, for yourself or that special, alpaca-loving someone.

Here are a few of the current options to make your drinking moments a little more special.

Warm. Cuddly. Alpaca Burger Mug
Warm. Cuddly. Alpaca Burger Mug. Most of us take our alpaca the same way we take our coffee: Lovingly prepared and carefully heated for as long as it takes to get the flavor just right. This gorgeous contrast mug is available in several color combinations; Scratch-proof and durable, lead and cadmium free. **$13.90** Fall-Winter Sale Price
Traveling Alpacas Mug
Traveling Alpacas Mug. Your co-workers will say “Whaaaa?!” when they see your one-of-a-kind tribute to the alpaca. When it’s time for the alpacas to go, there are only a few places they CAN go, and perhaps the only really practical one is to the smoking hot grill. But if folks want to take their alpacas on vacation, then we should tell them, “It’s ok.” Let the world know you have an open mind about this sort of thing. Multiple color options; full-color (inside and outside); lead and cadmium free. **$14.50** Fall-Winter Sale Price
I Love Alpacas! Mug
I Love Alpacas! Mug. How much do you love alpacas? A lot. And how exactly do you love alpacas? As burgers. That’s what we tell each other to begin every day, and it seems to be working out pretty well. So, a good mug to have. Contrasting trim and handle. Scratch-proof and durable; lead and cadmium free. **$13.90** Fall-Winter Sale Price
Warm. Cuddly. Alpaca Burger Travel Mug
Warm. Cuddly. Alpaca Burger Travel Mug. Time to head off to work at the salt mine or the alpaca farm, with a hot cup of your favorite beverage and a clear commitment to making every alpaca count, whether out in the pasture or home on the grill. Closeable travel mug, made of stainless steel, rubber and plastic. **$17.90** Fall-Winter Sale Price
When Life Gives You Alpacas .... Coasters
When Life Gives You Alpacas …. Coasters. There is an approach to life we call the Alpaca Burger Philosophy, but you don’t have to be grinding up alpaca meat to follow it. It means we look past problems and we look toward solutions, and that is precisely where the Alpaca Burger comes in. Hardboard gloss with cork bottom. **$18.90** Fall-Winter Sale Price

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