The long, sad American alpaca business story

alpaca business decline
For anyone still wondering why the world needs a good alpaca cookbook right about now, a perusal of the current state of the alpaca industry in America might answer the question. The story of the alpaca business is a poignant tale, indeed.

The long, sad decline of the United States’ alpacas

The fall 2015 cover of Modern Farmer features a svelte model with the hair of Lyle Lovett and the eyes of a seal pup. Her neck is long, her lashes are full, and skin looks like a fine sweater. She is an alpaca, and according to the cover, her time has come.

Alas, Modern Farmer is a little late to the game on this one. After a surge in alpaca popularity gave breeders hope of cashing in and retiring to the islands, the fuzzy guys are on their way out …

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