The following information about alpacas – the industry, the organizations, and the meat – may be useful as a matter of interest. It is likely the only collection of alpaca resources and information you will find at this point in time, so please enjoy.

Different viewpoints are represented, so please exercise critical thinking.

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Articles – Alpaca Industry
Alpaca Meat Information
Businesses and Business Talk

Articles – Alpaca Industry

The long, sad decline of the United States’ alpacas

When The Alpaca Bubble Burst, Breeders Paid The Price

Alpaca Lies? Do Alpacas Represent the Latest Speculative Bubble in Agriculture?

The Alpaca Bubble Revisited

Alpacas: Loveable Lawnmowers No More

Some Hard Truths About the Alpaca Industry

When the Great Alpaca Bubble Burst

Alpaca Profits Prove Less Than ‘Huggable’

Alpacas No Longer An Easy Breeder’s Market

The Alpaca Industry In Australia

Australian alpaca industry consolidates for the future

Australian alpaca industry is celebrating 25 years

The Peruvian Alpaca Meat and Hide Industries

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Alpaca Meat Information

Alpaca Meat Cuts Guide

LaViande Australian Alpaca

State-by-State Inspection/Sales Regulations for Alpaca Meat (U.S.)

Taking the Taboo out of Alpaca Meat

Is meat the key to a sustainable Australian alpaca industry?

Australian Farmers Want You to Stop Trying to Cuddle Alpacas and Eat Them Already

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Alpaca Organizations

Alpaca Coalition of America

Alpaca Breeders of the Rockies

New Jersey Alpaca Community

Alpaca Owners Association

Mid-Atlantic Alpaca Association

Alpaca Association of Western Oregon

Australian Alpaca Association

Australian Alpaca Breeders Association

Alpaca Canada

The British Alpaca Society

International Alpaca Association (Peru)

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Alpaca Businesses and Business Talk



Snowmass Alpacas

Financial Aspects and Business Opportunities of Alpaca Ownership

The Alpaca Market in the year 2018

There’s no going back

Alpaca Marketing

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