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Llewellyn "Apo" Alpaca, man of the mountains, loyal subject of Viracocha, enjoyed a long career in transportation. It may have been 20 years ago or it may have been 20,000, for all you know. Although brown of coat, he was chosen to survive. He never offended the mighty jaguar. He retired, to join his ancestors in the cosmos. He blogs mostly on alpaca-related topics.

The Humane Yet Delectable Future For Alpaca Meat

Cas Cad Nac alpaca farm
The American alpaca story has not always been a pleasant one but the future is slowly brightening, thanks to farmers able to see the burgers amid the herds. Alpaca meat should probably have been part of the plan from the beginning; for those who have tried the burgers, of course, this is not news.

If you are in the U.S., have not yet tried alpaca, and have not found a local provider, you can easily satisfy your curiosity thanks to the wonderful folks at Cas-Cad-Nac Farm.

Here’s a recent news story highlighting these folks, who definitely get it.

The Lutzes didn’t eat alpaca meat until it became part of their business in 2011. They needed extra money because the economic crisis thwarted their livestock sales. Nobody was interested in spending $8-$25,000 on one of their alpaca, even if they were of the highest quality.

It was a way of generating revenue and profit at a time when the farm couldn’t support itself.

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As a llama, I feel I have particular standing to advocate for practical treatment of farm animals, because people going into the business with rose-colored glasses have been bad for everyone.

And by the way, Christmas is just around the corner…

Starving Alpacas Taken In By Washington State Humane Society

Starving alpacas
Decidedly Not Cool: Undernourished alpacas were found by Humane Society of Cowlitz County.

Yet another well-meaning but misguided “alpaca lifestyle” experiment has resulted in a farm full of starving alpacas, this time in the Woodland area of Cowlitz County in the state of Washington.

More than 20 of my brethren were found undernourished, one of whom died and all of whom were “in very rough shape,” according to the director of the local Human Society.

Harvey said that at one point, the Woodland-area alpaca farm was “a good operation.” He said he never had any suspicion the farm wasn’t being properly run. However, Shari Bond, co-founder of Cross Creek Alpaca Rescue, said she believes the farm has been operating poorly “for a very long time — a lot longer than anyone realized.”

This incompetent Woodland alpaca farm owner joins a sorry parade of jackasses who mistreated the animals they never should have owned in the first place. Although in my opinion such morons deserve to be dropped from a high cliff in the Andes, there is some consolation in the fact they likely lost a massive amount of cash on the venture and will pay for the mistake for years to come. But I am an animal lover, and an animal, so there is some bias.

A major irony lies in the fact the whole nasty mess could have been avoided if this misguided farmer and so many others had simply discovered the book with the answer to most alpaca-related problems. We, like you, would rather be killed humanely than starved.

Alpaca Business Reporting Shows Why We Don’t Trust Reporting

alpaca business in northwest
There but for the grace of the Alpaca Burger Cookbook ….

The annual Northwest Alpaca Showcase is in Washington this week, for a competition – as the local CBS News reports – for the highest quality fleece award.

Alpacas fleece is used in the making of high-end apparel…

The breeders say some of the alpacas cost as much as seven thousand dollars to breed with.

But the return is definitely worth the investment.

I will take this opportunity to point out, once again, that alpaca fleece may be wonderful in a thousand different ways, but even selling at the highest price point, the average alpaca farmer is unlikely to earn more than $80 per year from selling fleece.

As this 2011 study found, that is less than half the annual maintenance cost of an alpaca – not to mention the “seven thousand dollars” investment noted in the CBS report. Some might say that is a simple oversight, while others might say it is a pretty important metric.

An yet others might say, “Gee, if there were only some other use for those alpacas ….”

Australian Alpaca Meat Is What’s For Dinner

australian alpaca meat
You call that a burger?

In his travelogue, Down Under, author Bill Bryson observed among the Aussies a hidden mirth, as though they had put one over on the British by virtue of having been exiled to such a superior island. One might discern the same secret joy within the Australian Alpaca industry, which is slowly transforming into the Australian alpaca meat industry.

Having perhaps struck out in the fleece side of the business, Australian alpaca farmers are pushing a public relations campaign to educate their countrymen about another purpose for the stately creatures.

A group of Western Australian growers is putting alpaca meat on dinner plates, promoting its buttery texture and comparing the flavour to milk fed veal.

In the barely three decades since their introduction to Australia, alpacas have been traditionally marketed as cute creatures that grow luxurious fibre for clothing.

But alpaca farmers like Mahlon Hotker from Albany on the state’s south coast is keen to expand into the protein game and is starting to trickle alpaca meat cuts into butchers and high end restaurants.

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By sheer coincidence, the world’s only alpaca-focused ground meat cookbook is also available in Australia.

When The Alpaca Bubble Burst, A Burger Emerged

alpaca bubble burst
Here is another look at the failure of the fleece, the tumbling tetrahedron, the burst alpaca bubble … ultimately, the birth of the burger.

Like the ostriches, chinchillas, Dutch tulips, miniature pigs, and monorails, alpacas seemed like a good idea at the time.

Known for their calm temperaments and soft fleece, alpacas looked like the next hot thing to backyard farmers. The market was frenetic, with some top of the line animals selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

But the bubble burst, leaving thousands of alpaca breeders with near-worthless herds.

Click here to read the whole thing.

All joshing aside, there has been plenty of tragedy to go around, with this alpaca deal. In the story, there are supposedly alpacas being sold on Craigslist for a buck, and one of those interviewed is trying to sell his for $100 each. Back in the day, in the early 2000s, when everyone apparently was high on ayahuasca, alpacas were selling for $10,000 or more each.

For $10,000, an alpaca yields around 150 delicious, albeit shockingly pricey, burgers.

At $100 per alpaca, the equation changes remarkably.

So as much as we hate to see people lose their savings, we are pleased to be able to offer a road map to a practical solution.

The long, sad American alpaca business story

alpaca business decline
For anyone still wondering why the world needs a good alpaca cookbook right about now, a perusal of the current state of the alpaca industry in America might answer the question. The story of the alpaca business is a poignant tale, indeed.

The long, sad decline of the United States’ alpacas

The fall 2015 cover of Modern Farmer features a svelte model with the hair of Lyle Lovett and the eyes of a seal pup. Her neck is long, her lashes are full, and skin looks like a fine sweater. She is an alpaca, and according to the cover, her time has come.

Alas, Modern Farmer is a little late to the game on this one. After a surge in alpaca popularity gave breeders hope of cashing in and retiring to the islands, the fuzzy guys are on their way out …

Click here to read the whole thing.

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Cookbook Summary

For anyone who happens upon this Web site and says to themselves, “This all seems odd,” here is a capsule summary of Joe’s Original Alpaca Burger Cookbook.

Every day, in kitchens across North America, home cooks face the challenge of making healthy, economical meals. Meanwhile, countless alpaca farmers wonder: What can we do with these animals?

The surprising answer for the two may lie in this unique new volume. It began as a road map for unhappy alpaca owners and anyone else who wants to give alpaca meat a try. But the end result is a wide-ranging culinary guidebook for turning the basic into something epic.

As ground meat, most of the alpaca is both usable and tasty. Of course, ground meats of all types—beef, poultry, lamb, and pork—have been staples in home kitchens for generations, but are often considered boring. The hamburger can be inexpensive, but can also be monotonous.

Even if you don’t have any alpaca, this cookbook provides easy ways to prepare interesting dishes, even on weeknights. Styles of cuisine covered include Eastern European, French, Indian, Thai, Javanese, Tex-Mex, Jamaican, along with more familiar-sounding concoctions and, of course, burgers.

For so many of us, alpacas and ground meats have each, in their own way, proven disappointing. How ironic that bringing them together may be the salvation of both. When life gives you alpacas, make burgers.

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