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Llewellyn "Apo" Alpaca, man of the mountains, loyal subject of Viracocha, enjoyed a long career in transportation. It may have been 20 years ago or it may have been 20,000, for all you know. Although brown of coat, he was chosen to survive. He never offended the mighty jaguar. He retired, to join his ancestors in the cosmos. He blogs mostly on alpaca-related topics.

The Great Alpaca Bubble

A key argument for getting on the Alpaca Burger bandwagon is that, considering the financial state of some of those who invested in alpacas, burgerizing the beasts might be the next best use for them. But the alpaca bubble, alas, may have burst.

This article from August gives a good summation of where things stand in the industry as a whole, and the farmers whose sad fate is described in Joe’s Original Alpaca Burger Cookbook as “like you’re just a building block in the great pyramid of life.”

….Not long ago, alpaca farming was a booming industry, with the top breeding alpacas selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Nowadays, the few remaining alpaca farmers struggle to stay afloat. Alpaca rescues have cropped up to save the animals who have outlived their economic utility.

“Some owners have found they can’t give the animals away for free,” Modern Farmer reported in 2014.

How did this happen? The alpaca industry experienced a major speculative bubble. And, as bubbles tend to do, that bubble burst…

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Alpaca Burger Cookbook Table of Contents

Here is the official Table of Contents of the newly released, highly recommended, and totally unexpected Joe’s Original Alpaca Burger Cookbook, plus a sneak preview of some of the recipes.


With a spread of content like the following, is there any way you can afford NOT to buy the book, both for yourself and for other people you know who have kitchens?

How To Know If This Book Is For You
Gentle Warning And Disclaimers
Background Part 1: Dances With Alpacas
Background Part 2: “My Burger, My Friend”
This Is About Meat. Ground Meat.
Why Ground Alpaca?
General Principles And Assumptions
Cooking Burgers
Using The Marinades

Marinades, Sauces, and Condiments

-These Can Be Considered Staples
-Basic Ground Meat Marinade
Outstanding for beef burgers cooked on the grill, and a solid choice for any other type of ground meat…

-Mint Marinade
Unsurprisingly, this is a perfect marinade for lamb, while not too shabby for beef or alpaca, either. It is a strong marinade…

-Jalapeno Dressing
Any meat going toward a Southwest- or Tex-Mex-themed meal will do well with this as the marinade. A lot of the liquid and flavor will cook out, as these salsa-based marinades are wont to do, but it leaves a pleasant taste and will help with tenderizing. Also, this dressing makes a lovely condiment…

-Island Salsa
-Aubergine Relish
-Chili Sambal Sauce
-Phat Peanut Sauce
-Lime In The Coconut Sauce
-Joe’s Multipurpose Curry Paste

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Joe’s Original Alpaca Burger Cookbook

Alpaca Burger Cookbook

Joe’s Original Alpaca Burger Cookbook is now available! Click here to get your copy today!

The alpaca lifestyle sure wasn’t all it had been cracked up to be, for some alpaca farmers.

Now, we are pleased to offer a way out, with a unique collection of recipes for these lovable, delicious animals. Whether you need to prepare alpaca or another of your favorite ground meats, this cookbook is your guide to superb, inexpensive dishes in diverse styles of cuisine.

When life gives you alpacas, make burgers.

Alpaca – The other, other red meat

Alpaca burger
Alpaca can be both delicious and simple to prepare when turned into ground meat.

At its best, alpaca is a mild red meat with a soft consistency similar to that of venison, though without the gaminess. The flavor, in fact, is so mild it might be described as buttery, and yields exquisite burgers. It has much less fat than beef, which brings advantages and disadvantages: Alpaca is not the least bit greasy, but may require some fat added during the cooking process so it doesn’t dry out.

As a mild-flavored meat, you can take alpaca in many directions, cuisine-wise. The unique texture allows it to substitute for anything from beef to tofu. It really does make for fantastic eating…once you solve the toughness problem.

To learn more about selecting and preparing alpaca meat, check out Joe’s Original Alpaca Burger Cookbook.