The Alpaca Burger Cookbook

alpaca at night
Want to brighten up your boring ground meat?

Got some yard llamas you need to eat?

Wondering what became of the furry mellow beasts we used to see on TV every 7 minutes?

Looking for the perfect gift for the home chef who has everything?

Well then, my friend, you are in luck, because Joe’s Original Alpaca Burger Cookbook traverses cultures – and eras – like no cookbook you’ve ever seen (check out the recipe list).

You’ll get a medley of meals, from French to Thai, from old-fashioned Stroganoff to Alpaca frickin’ Pie.

Now You’re Probably Asking: What Is It?

It’s an alpaca cookbook.

It’s a ground meat cookbook.

It’s the alpaca AND ground meat cookbook, for forlorn alpaca farmers and regular folks like you – the compendium of recipes that belongs in every home.

Yes, Joe’s Original Alpaca Burger Cookbook is the world’s first truly practical guide to making gainful use of your alpacas. You’ll learn a tantalizing array of dishes to delight your family and friends.

And when you’re out of alpacas, why: So much the better. You may have noticed our nation has massive herds of cattle, not alpacas. That’s because beef is better to eat. Luckily, any recipe that works for your ground alpaca will work at least equally well with more easily obtained beef, poultry, and lamb.

You’ll learn easy ways to cook interesting dishes under normal circumstances, which means without spending too much time, or needing too many odd ingredients, or having to spend a fortune.

What Is Alpaca Meat Like?

alpaca, turkey, beef
Generally, the meat from these imports is a natural fit for the American palate. Alpaca is a mild red meat, which at its best can be described as buttery, and a step above anything you’ll find in the supermarket. But preparation challenges must be met, or the result can be an unhappy dinner party followed by trips to the dentist all around.

As with other animals, alpaca meat quality varies depending on the age of the animal and the cut you are preparing. Large portions are tough enough to shatter teeth. But turned into ground meat, it makes some of the best burgers you will ever taste.

Do People Really Eat The Alpacas?

Oh goodness yes.

Many people bought into the “alpaca lifestyle” advertised on TV a decade ago, either to make money from selling the fleece, or from selling the animals to new farmers.

A study found the average alpaca costs about $300 a year to maintain, while producing 8 pounds of fleece, which sells for up to $7.00 per pound.

Do the math.

The other part of the business proposition – selling alpacas to new entrants to the business – was predicated on a continuing stream of new buyers, who might mortgage their homes or sink their retirement savings into the investment.

As the Cookbook notes, when those new buyers are scarce, the typical alpaca owner might feel “like you’re just a building block in the great pyramid of life.”

After several years, who could blame the farmer for asking: “Is there a better way?”

Long recognized for their food value in parts of South America, alpacas in Australia are now increasingly considered an acceptable meat choice. In fact, a segment of the Australian alpaca industry has begun to try to shift the public perception of alpacas, from cuddly to downright yummy.

Here in North America, although we lag behind our cousins down under, alpaca meat seems to be increasingly available, both from local sellers and online.

As more people learn to cook them, alpacas could find themselves in demand for more than just their quiet strength and laconic manner.

Why Do You Need Joe’s Original Alpaca Burger Cookbook?

If you’re facing the prospect of eating an alpaca, this is the cookbook that takes the mystery out of the process.

If you prefer healthy dishes, strong on natural ingredients and light on carbs, sweeteners, and anything pre-packaged, this cookbook will be a powerful ally in the kitchen.

If you want to learn more ways to use ground meat – one of the most affordable and flexible protein sources available – this unique cookbook will lead you on a world tour of styles, including French, Tex-Mex, Cajun, Jamaican, Indian, Southeast Asian, many familiar concoctions and, of course, a host of burgers.

SUMMARY: With Joe’s Original Alpaca Burger Cookbook, You Get:
  • background information on alpaca meat and alpacas in the U.S.;
  • simple recipes for superb sauces and condiments;
  • instructions for cooking burgers and using marinades;
  • a multicultural assortment of recipes for alpaca which are suitable for other types of meats;
  • steps for preparing meats that fall in the category of “extreme” toughness; and
  • an enjoyable reading experience and great conversation-starter – and how many cookbooks can you say that about?

The American alpaca story can have a happy ending, with a final plot twist involving direct heat, and condiments.

Get one for yourself, and one for the people in your life who appreciate danger and intrigue, or who cook.

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