The cold weather is here. What better time to stock up on alpaca gifts and gear to keep you comfortable and stylish—and tell the world you are looking to the future, not the past, of the alpaca.

Below are a few recent additions – to see the entire collection visit the Alpaca Burger Gifts & Apparel Store! (And click here to buy the Cookbook.)

Newest Products

I Love Alpacas! Coasters
I Love Alpacas! Coasters. Your parties will never be the same when guests see these wild, colorful, hilarious – yet somehow touching – drink coasters. Hardboard gloss with cork bottom. **$18.90**
I Love Alpacas Beverage Container
I Love Alpacas! Beverage Container. At the gym, on the road, or just oddly carrying a closed beverage container at the annual family confab, you’ll always have a twinkle in your eye with the official “I Love Alpacas” slogan bringing your own burst of holiday cheer. Aluminum & plastic, passes CPSIA testing guidelines for BPA safe/free. Not for carbonated beverages. Two color choices. **$16.90**
Warm. Cuddly. Kids Organic T-Shirt
Warm. Cuddly. Marinated. Organic Kids’ T-Shirt. This comfortable shirt is 100%, certified organic, for the kid who deserves nothing but the best, just like the typical alpaca burger. Fine Jersey cotton; double-stitched sleeves and bottom hem. **$19.90**

Cold Weather Gear

Warm. Cuddly. Alpaca Burger Track Jacket
Warm. Cuddly. Alpaca Burger Track Jacket. The cool weather is almost here, perfect for the warm, silky comfort of this top-quality athletic jacket – for the man or woman in your life who understands the value of the most delicious alpaca-based sandwich in the world. Urban Fleece, for Men and Women, 100% cotton. Reinforced, double-knit stitching throughout. **$38.70**
Warm. Cuddly. Alpaca Burger Hoodie
Warm. Cuddly. Alpaca Burger Hoodie. Does this describe the wearer or the alpaca? Because you will both be warm and cuddly with this quality hooded sweatshirt, and when the holiday parties start so does the marinating – am I right? Simple, comfortable, stylish, for men or women; 80% cotton / 20% polyester. **$38.40**
Traveling Alpacas Unisex Track Jacket
Traveling Alpacas Unisex Track Jacket. You’ll be the envy of the neighborhood in this sporty little number. When it’s time for the alpacas to go, there are only a few places they CAN go, and perhaps the only really practical one is to the smoking hot grill. But if folks want to take their alpacas on vacation, then we should tell them, “It’s ok.” Urban Fleece for Men and Women, 100% cotton. Tailored for a slim fit; for a more generous fit, order a size up. **$37.70**
When Life Gives You Alpacas ... Fleece Hoodie
When Life Gives You Alpacas … Men’s Fleece Hoodie. The Alpaca Burger Philosophy tells the world that you’re a problem-solver, and the world will clear you a path to happiness. Men’s heavyweight premium hoodie is built to last, with combed-cotton exterior, fuzzy fleece interior, and reinforced cuffs and waist. **$43.70**
I Love Alpacas! Women's Hoodie
I Love Alpacas! Women’s Hoodie. Quality you can feel and a message you can wear with pride: It’s the sweatshirt everyone will love, and the sandwich everyone will want. This premium sweatshirt is warm and cozy with a tailored and feminine fit. **$41.40**
Warm. Cuddly. Alpaca Burger Kids Hooded Sweatshirt
Warm. Cuddly. Alpaca Burger Kids Hooded Sweatshirt. Kids go nuts for everything with alpacas, and kids love the burgers, so we anticipate selling 50 million of these comfortable, luxurious hoodies. Be the first on your block to have one! 60% cotton/40% polyester; rugged and durable, it’s sure to keep pace with any kid. It’s tough enough for the skateboarder, tame enough for the video gamer and comfy enough for the bookworm. **$27.40**
Traveling Alpacas Hoodie for Toddlers
Traveling Alpacas Hoodie for Toddlers. Your little one might barely be able to walk across the room without tumbling in a heap, but when she or he is upright, why not look their best in this beautiful, warm attire and the photo every kid will remember. Ribbed cuffs and waistband, lined with jersey cotton (that means it’s extra warm and fuzzy on the inside). Multiple color choices. **$23.70**

Long-Sleeved Shirts

Warm. Cuddly. Alpaca Burger Women's Long Sleeve shirt
Warm. Cuddly. Alpaca Burger Women’s Long Sleeve Shirt. Brr! It’s getting cold outside, and you’ll love to snuggle into this toasty shirt with the warming message. Alpacas are cute, and they are delicious, and that’s all a part of life.
Crew neck jersey t-shirt for women, 100% cotton, custom contoured fit and super comfortable. **$21.60**
I Love Alpacas! Women's Long Sleeve Shirt
I Love Alpacas! Women’s Long Sleeve Shirt. If you want to show the world you are smart, and funny, and unafraid to stray from the herd, talk about alpacas in the context of sandwiches. And if loving the delicious, marinated alpaca is wrong, then who wants to be right? 100% preshrunk cotton; double-stitched cuffs, collar and waist. **$20.60**
I Love Alpacas! Men's Long Sleeve Shirt
I Love Alpacas! Men’s Long Sleeve Shirt. Who loves alpacas? Well you do, of course, but there’s a catch: You mainly love them in burger form. What better conversation-starter, or conversation-ender, depending on the locale. In either case, a very useful shirt to have. 100% cotton, this Hanes shirt should have a place in every man’s drawer. Reinforced shoulder construction maintains shape after repeated washings. **$24.90**
When Life Gives You Alpacas ... Men's Long Sleeve Shirt
When Life Gives You Alpacas … Men’s Long Sleeve Shirt. There is an approach to life we call the Alpaca Burger Philosophy, but you don’t have to be grinding up alpaca meat to follow it. It means we look past problems and we look toward solutions, and we know what the alpacas are really here for. 100% cotton, double-stitched collar and waist. **$24.90**
Warm. Cuddly. Alpaca Burger Kids Long Sleeve Shirt
Warm. Cuddly. Alpaca Burger Kids Long Sleeve Shirt. If there is anyone who “gets it” when we say “Alpaca Burger”, it’s kids. Who knows why – perhaps survival instinct? Anyway, you know they will love this shirt. Heavyweight t-shirt, 100% cotton; double-stitched neck and waist hem; ribbed collar and cuffs. **$18.30**

T-Shirts And More

When Life Gives You Alpacas ... Womens T-Shirt
When Life Gives You Alpacas … Women’s T-Shirt. You can shine a little light into every life you meet when you head out into the world with the positivity and grace of this timeless top. 100% preshrunk cotton; relaxed fit classic offers plenty of room and is ideal for most body types. **$14.99**
I Love Alpacas! Women's T-Shirt
I Love Alpacas! Women’s T-Shirt. If you love alpacas – and when we say alpacas, we mean burgers – then this quality t-shirt will take your personal brand to the next level. Women’s Premium T-Shirt; slimmer fit; 100% cotton; soft yet stretchy, a little longer than a standard tee. Fairly produced, certified and triple audited. **$18.40**
Warm. Cuddly. Alpaca Burger Mens T-Shirt
Warm. Cuddly. Alpaca Burger Men’s T-Shirt. The alpaca is a beautiful animal, either on the farm or on the grill. And either way, they bring us peace, which is nice. Classic-cut standard weight t-shirt for men, 100% preshrunk cotton. **$14.99**
When Life Gives You Alpacas .... Mens T-Shirt
When Life Gives You Alpacas …. Men’s T-Shirt. No situation is so complex, no problem too massive, no hole too deep, that cannot be remedied by the Alpaca Burger Philosophy. Therefore, you could literally wear this top-quality t-shirt anywhere. Men’s premium shirt; fairly produced, certified and triple audited, the DNA code of every single item can be entered online to track chain of production. **$19.40**
Warm. Cuddly. Alpaca Burger Kids T-Shirt
Warm. Cuddly. Alpaca Burger Kids T-Shirt. Warm and cuddly, alpacas and kids, cuteness and light, never mind the burger part as it doesn’t fit the analogy. The shirt is just funny, that’s good enough. 100% preshrunk cotton; tough-wearing and durable. Perfect for the playground or any time. **$13.99**
I Love Alpacas! Kids T-Shirt
I Love Alpacas! Kids T-Shirt. Neither T-Shirts nor Love nor Alpacas nor even the Burgers thereof, ever go out of style. Kids love this shirt and adults love to see them wear it. Classic t-shirt for kids, 100% preshrunk cotton. **$14.99**
Warm. Cuddly. Baby Romper
Warm. Cuddly. Baby Romper. Any baby in town will love the style and grace that comes with this high-quality t-shirt romper, adorned with a catchy message in colors that cannot be ignored. 100% cotton one-piece is an absolute essential for your little prince or princess. Durable, double-stitched cuffs and leg openings; three-snap closure for easy changing. **$19.40**
Warm. Cuddly. Alpaca Burger, Girl's Ruffled Shirt
Warm. Cuddly. Alpaca Burger, Girl’s Ruffled Shirt. There is no little girl who will fail to smile after opening this up on Christmas morning or anytime. 100% cotton; 1/4” single-needle binding on neck and 1/4” single-needle ruffle hem bottom; EasyTear label: easily remove the label if it is bothersome or itchy. **$19.40**
Warm. Cuddly. Alpaca Burger Travel Mug
Warm. Cuddly. Alpaca Burger Travel Mug. Time to head off to work at the salt mine or the alpaca farm, with a hot cup of your favorite beverage and a clear commitment to making every alpaca count, whether out in the pasture or home on the grill. Closeable travel mug, made of stainless steel, rubber and plastic. **$17.90**
When Life Gives You Alpacas .... Mug
When Life Gives You Alpacas …. Mug. There is an approach to life we call the Alpaca Burger Philosophy, but you don’t have to be grinding up alpaca meat to follow it. It means we look past problems and we look toward solutions. It’s pretty Zen actually, and perfect for a mug. Appropriate for coffee, tea, or whisky on the down-low. Porcelain, fully-insulated, lead and cadmium free. **$12.90**
I Love Alpacas! Mug
I Love Alpacas! Mug. How much do you love alpacas? A lot. And how exactly do you love alpacas? As burgers. That’s what we tell each other to begin every day, and it seems to be working out pretty well. So, a good mug to have. Contrasting trim and handle. Scratch-proof and durable; lead and cadmium free. **$13.90**

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