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Alpaca Business Reporting Shows Why We Don’t Trust Reporting

alpaca business in northwest
There but for the grace of the Alpaca Burger Cookbook ….

The annual Northwest Alpaca Showcase is in Washington this week, for a competition – as the local CBS News reports – for the highest quality fleece award.

Alpacas fleece is used in the making of high-end apparel…

The breeders say some of the alpacas cost as much as seven thousand dollars to breed with.

But the return is definitely worth the investment.

I will take this opportunity to point out, once again, that alpaca fleece may be wonderful in a thousand different ways, but even selling at the highest price point, the average alpaca farmer is unlikely to earn more than $80 per year from selling fleece.

As this 2011 study found, that is less than half the annual maintenance cost of an alpaca – not to mention the “seven thousand dollars” investment noted in the CBS report. Some might say that is a simple oversight, while others might say it is a pretty important metric.

An yet others might say, “Gee, if there were only some other use for those alpacas ….”