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The Humane Yet Delectable Future For Alpaca Meat

Cas Cad Nac alpaca farm
The American alpaca story has not always been a pleasant one but the future is slowly brightening, thanks to farmers able to see the burgers amid the herds. Alpaca meat should probably have been part of the plan from the beginning; for those who have tried the burgers, of course, this is not news.

If you are in the U.S., have not yet tried alpaca, and have not found a local provider, you can easily satisfy your curiosity thanks to the wonderful folks at Cas-Cad-Nac Farm.

Here’s a recent news story highlighting these folks, who definitely get it.

The Lutzes didn’t eat alpaca meat until it became part of their business in 2011. They needed extra money because the economic crisis thwarted their livestock sales. Nobody was interested in spending $8-$25,000 on one of their alpaca, even if they were of the highest quality.

It was a way of generating revenue and profit at a time when the farm couldn’t support itself.

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As a llama, I feel I have particular standing to advocate for practical treatment of farm animals, because people going into the business with rose-colored glasses have been bad for everyone.

And by the way, Christmas is just around the corner…

Australian Alpaca Meat Is What’s For Dinner

australian alpaca meat
You call that a burger?

In his travelogue, Down Under, author Bill Bryson observed among the Aussies a hidden mirth, as though they had put one over on the British by virtue of having been exiled to such a superior island. One might discern the same secret joy within the Australian Alpaca industry, which is slowly transforming into the Australian alpaca meat industry.

Having perhaps struck out in the fleece side of the business, Australian alpaca farmers are pushing a public relations campaign to educate their countrymen about another purpose for the stately creatures.

A group of Western Australian growers is putting alpaca meat on dinner plates, promoting its buttery texture and comparing the flavour to milk fed veal.

In the barely three decades since their introduction to Australia, alpacas have been traditionally marketed as cute creatures that grow luxurious fibre for clothing.

But alpaca farmers like Mahlon Hotker from Albany on the state’s south coast is keen to expand into the protein game and is starting to trickle alpaca meat cuts into butchers and high end restaurants.

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By sheer coincidence, the world’s only alpaca-focused ground meat cookbook is also available in Australia.