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Starving Alpacas Taken In By Washington State Humane Society

Starving alpacas
Decidedly Not Cool: Undernourished alpacas were found by Humane Society of Cowlitz County.

Yet another well-meaning but misguided “alpaca lifestyle” experiment has resulted in a farm full of starving alpacas, this time in the Woodland area of Cowlitz County in the state of Washington.

More than 20 of my brethren were found undernourished, one of whom died and all of whom were “in very rough shape,” according to the director of the local Human Society.

Harvey said that at one point, the Woodland-area alpaca farm was “a good operation.” He said he never had any suspicion the farm wasn’t being properly run. However, Shari Bond, co-founder of Cross Creek Alpaca Rescue, said she believes the farm has been operating poorly “for a very long time — a lot longer than anyone realized.”

This incompetent Woodland alpaca farm owner joins a sorry parade of jackasses who mistreated the animals they never should have owned in the first place. Although in my opinion such morons deserve to be dropped from a high cliff in the Andes, there is some consolation in the fact they likely lost a massive amount of cash on the venture and will pay for the mistake for years to come. But I am an animal lover, and an animal, so there is some bias.

A major irony lies in the fact the whole nasty mess could have been avoided if this misguided farmer and so many others had simply discovered the book with the answer to most alpaca-related problems. We, like you, would rather be killed humanely than starved.